Sucess Story

Here are the Sucess achieved by beneficiaries of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Akola

The Ideal Farm Family...

Farm Family and prosperity
A story of Mr Rajesh Chopade and His Family
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Akola found that Mr. Rajesh Chopade has Risk bearing ability and the scientific orientation. This was supported with the economic motivation by the efforts of KVK, Akola.

This institute continuesly provided need based scientific advisory to the farmer. The Farmer himself has adopted the recommendations channeled by KVK, Akola. Now, within 3 years of joint efforts by Mr Rajesh Chopade and KVK, Akola, the farmer has became an icon for the success in agriculture.

Name of Farmer : Rajesh Vitthalrao Chopade
Address : Matoda, Tq:- Murtizapur Dist.:- Akola
Date of Birth : 15/05/1977
Education : 12th Science
Land holding : 12 Acres
Members involved in Farming: : Father, Mother, wife, a son and a daughter

The Then Situation:
Mr Rajesh Chopade was cultivating Turmeric crop since last 6 years. He was having two wells with electric pump for irrigation. The area under turmeric cultivation was 2.5 acres. The practice of turmeric planting was on ridges and furrows. The fertilizer application was random and not as per recommendations and not as per soil test recommendations. The yield per acre was 95 q per acre(Fresh rhizomes) and 20 quintals per acres(Dry rhizomes)

Intervention of the KVK:

On proposal of KVK, Akola, the State Department of Agriculture, Akola has sanction a Farm Skill Field School(FSFS) programme on Turmeric Processing. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Akola conducted this Farm Skill Field School in the season 2011-12, at Matoda village in Murtizapur Tahsil of Akola District. This School was for five days at critical growth stages of the termeric crop. This FSFS was conducted at the termeric field of Mr Rajesh Chopade.

Skills imparted through FSFS programme: This was a wholely skill oriented programme. The complete school was divided in five days focusing on strengthening and improvement of skills in harvesting, selection and separation of mother rhizomes and finger rhizomes, grading, storing of mother rhizomes in a pit, boiling of rhizomes, drying techniques, storage and powder making etc.The programme was implemented very fruitfully. The Boiler and polisher was also purchased by the farmer during field school. The 50% assistance was also granted to the farmer. The skills of harvesting of turmeric, boiling, polishing and drying and powder making was provided.

The farmer shri Rajesh Chopade has taken the initiatives for formation of farmers group.He has started to prepare Turmeric powder and he has registered the brand “Krishna”. The farmer has started to sold the Turmeric powder through Agril.Exhibitions, Dhanya Mahotsava. He has sold near about 400 quintals of turmeric powder up to March 2014. The selling price of powder was Rs 160 per kg. The market rates for dry turmeric rhizomes was Rs 50 per Kilograms where as by doing powder the farmer has got Rs 110 more.

Hon, Chief Minister Shri Prithvirajji Chauhan
, Hon.Agri.Minister Shri Radhakrishna Patil has also appreciated his efforts during Joint agresco held at Dr.PDKV, Akola in 2012. Recently KVK Akola has submitted his proposal for Sahyadri krishi Sanman award 2014 through Director of Extension, DrPDKV, Akola, The farmer has received Sahyadri Krishi Sanman Puraskar 2014 on 06-01-2014 at Doordarshan Kendra Warli, Mumbai.

Mr Rajesh Chopade involved in farming at the age of 25 and was striving for success through innovative ideas in the agriculture. Many of his efforts were futile only due to lack of technical support. Therefore, He credited his success to the Efforts of KVK, Akola who equipped him with technical knowhow and imparted most useful skills.

His family is now part of his venture called 'Agriculture Business'!
The family with all hands together has fetch the prosperity and brightened the future.